CeBIT 2008, Day 1

CeBIT Hannover
Today we spent a fair amount of time at this weeks CeBIT in Hannover. We had several interviews including Intel, Alienware and Hauppauge. All of them are showing quite a lot of interesting new and updated things. Overall it did not seem to be that packed as I expected and remembered it from previous years.

The plan worked perfectly, actually everything fell into places to the minute. Starting from getting to Hannover until the point we had to edit and upload the first parts of our footage in the evening. Everyone who was directly involved in planning and executing the plan did a great job. We just had a tiny problem with our hotel reservation, because the reception only was open until 9pm, but a phone call made it possible to get in when we were ready at like 1am.

We were invited to a great dinner including interesting discussions after we were actually done with our job at the CeBIT. Tomorrow you’ll find out why I think that a certain cellphone manufacturer can go screw themself and – if I’m actually able to remember – some nice anecdotes of the people we met at CeBIT.