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Google+ gets search…and more

For those still using Google+, here’s an update for you:

The Google+ project has been in field trial for just under 90 days, and in that time we’ve made 91 different improvements (many of which are posted here). Google+ is still in its infancy, of course, but we’re more excited than ever to bring the nuance and richness of real-life sharing to software. Today we’re releasing nine more features that get us that much closer.

9 new features:
– Hangouts on the phone (Android now, iOS later)
– Hangouts On Air: Same as before, but you can broadcast to as many people as possible and also record the session
– Hangout extras (counts as 4): Screensharing, Sketchpad, Google Docs and Named Hangouts
– Hangout API
– Search (duh!)
– Open to everyone, no invites necessary anymore (if you aren’t a Google Apps user)

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iOS 5 Beta 7 (Update: new iTunes, Apple TV, Xcode, Safari betas too)

Available via OTA, but not on the developer site yet. Scratch that, it’s on the web too now. Thus, check your device!

Apple also updated to iTunes 10.5 beta 7, Apple TV beta 6, Xcode 4.2 and iOS 5 SDK beta 7 and Safari 5.1.1 Update 3. Boy Genius Report has dropped the release notes.

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Google Street View cars in Cologne

Got this image via the internets. I ran across one of Google’s cars a few weeks ago (could also be 1-2 months). Looks like it can’t be too long until we see a german version of Street View.