Berlin, once again

So, being back from Berlin, and having no luck at the first try to get a flat, I’m now trying to find one together with a colleague. In Berlin it’s easier to find a big flat, rather than a single appartement. I’ll try to get there again this weekend, but it’s getting complicated due to some “great” ideas here.

Going home from Berlin to Düsseldorf was fun too. My plane left Tegel at 18:35. So I supposed getting on the 17:00 Express-Bus “TXL” from Alex to Tegel was a good idea. Well I made it to my plane in time, but only because Tegel is such a small airport. You can walk around there and just look for the correct gate. I arrived at about 18:00 at the airport, so the adivsed 30 minute gap made a perfect fit.

The 50 minute flight was perfect, no comparison to the 4 hour train ride we had to get there on friday. The biggest problem though is the local transfer from Düsseldorf airport to the city. It takes longer than the actual flight.

I left Berlin with a mixed feeling. There were some things that could have been better and have to be fixed in the upcoming days. If there is any way to fix.