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Apple using their own maps on Macs? It’s already happening about the possibility of Apple’s new maps coming to the Mac:

Our developer friend, Cody Cooper has now stumbled upon an interesting code dump in iOS 6 maps application which hints at the possibility of Apple Maps coming to Macs in the near future.

During his routine investigation of Maps app, Cody found some interesting bits in the file altitude_manifest.xml

One thing that should be mentioned about this, that wasn’t made clear enough in the article, is that the mentioned XML file is part of the iPhone Simulator, which is part of Xcode. To be precise: it’s part of which is part of iPhone Simulator which in turn is part of Xcode 4.5 DP2 (which requires a developer account). A whole lot of dependencies that should have been clarified.

The mentioned file can be found at:

Aside from that, Apple has already been using their new maps in parts of their apps on OS X for a while.