About taking that shot that matters to you

Empty Words

Sometimes you drive around town, even on your regular way to or from work. At some point you see that building, that special event or even that flower on the side of the street. For me it was the building above that I drove by almost every evening when coming home from work. It never popped into my eye until the days got shorter this year and they somehow started to light the building the way they do now.

Granted, that photo might not look anything special for anyone but me, but it just gives me the good feeling that I took the time to look at it through my viewfinder. Maybe I’ll stop there again some time soon, but for now I’m trying to find new things in town. Having lived in Cologne for almost two years now, streets and places really are still connecting in my head. Have I mentioned I don’t particularly like this city? Well, I don’t like this town.

Also, sometimes it’s good just not to go the usual and maybe fastest way from A to B. Just turn right somewhere where you’d normally go left. This makes your grey cells work as they are trying to reroute the way. Chances are you’ll see something that hasn’t catched your eye before. Remember that place or get out of the car/train/whatever right away and take some photos. That’s also the reason I always carry my camera with me. Some people call me crazy but you never know what might be crossing your way.

So, I’m going to Essen Motorshow next week, so expect some cars and girls in my photostream. I thought about going there early this friday as part of the press. I scrapped that due to the lack of time. But all this is enough material for another post that’s about to drop soon; next week.